Are you a Eurovision Superfan?

Think you know what makes a good Eurovision entry and what it takes to be a winner?

We're assembling our Superfan Panel ready for 2021 - our dedicated group of fans ready to pass judgement on the next crop of Eurovision entries.
If you would like to join our Superfan Panel and be a part of the Show from February through to May next year, then read on!

Superfan Panel Requirements:

  • You will be asked to listen to every entry for next years contest;
  • You will record your review for each entry and offer a rating;
  • You need access to reasonable equipment in order to record your reviews;
  • You must commit to providing your recordings throughout the Superfan review period;
  • To apply to be a part of the panel you are required to submit an audition.

Submit Your Audition

Record an audio file using your own equipment, telling us who you are and why you think you should be a part of the Eurovision Show Superfan Panel.
Your audition file should be in MP3 format and be no longer than 20 seconds.

Complete the details below to submit your application.

Success! Your audition has been submitted.

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