Show #131

As we head deeper into selection season, we welcome a special guest this week who is vying to take his place at the contest. We also have some Turkish delight for our National Triple Play, and your fan favourite takes us back to the golden era of UK successes!...

21 January 2022 56 mins

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 Little By Little Laura And The Lovers 2005 Lithuania
2 I'm Not Afraid To Move On Jostein Hasselgard 2003 Norway
3 For Real Athena 2004 Turkey
4 Live It Up Yuksek Sadakat 2011 Turkey
5 Deli Mor Ve A-tesi 2008 Turkey
6 Amazing Tanja 2014 Estonia
7 Bailá Bailá Alvaro Estrella 2021 Non Contest
8 Abajo Alvaro Estrella 2022 Non Contest
9 Dreamin' Eddie Friel 1995 Ireland
10 One Step Further Bardo 1982 United Kingdom
11 Aina Mun Pitaa Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivatt 2015 Finland
12 Apollo Timebelle 2017 Switzerland