Show #102

New music this week from one of Bulgarias biggest selling artists, and a friend of the show! There's a latin flavour to our National Triple Play, another listener becomes a winner after selecting their fan favourite, and we round up this weeks news from the song contest world...

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03 July 2021 56 mins Download (MP3)

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 Perfect Life Levina 2017 Germany
2 Your Heart Belongs To Me Hind 2008 Netherlands
3 Colgado De Un Sueno Serafin Zubiri 2000 Spain
4 Europe's Living A Celebration Rosa 2002 Spain
5 La Noche Es Para Mi (The Night Is For Me) Soraya Arnelas 2009 Spain
6 Kedvesem ByeAlex 2013 Hungary
7 L’imhabba Helen & Joseph 1972 Malta
8 No More Poli Genova 2021 Non Contest
9 Foi Magia Sofia Victoria 2004 Portugal
10 The Ride RAFAL 2021 Poland
11 Is Always Over Now Dawn Martin 1998 Ireland
12 One More Day Eldrine 2011 Georgia
13 Goodbye To Yesterday Elina Born & Stig Rasta 2015 Estonia
14 Touch My Fire Javine 2005 United Kingdom
15 A Matter Of Time Sennek 2018 Belgium