Show #100

A special Eurovision guest joins us this week, and she doesnt come empty handed as she brings fab new music for you. We also give away another official 2021 contest CD to a listener for picking their fan favourite and we head to the Baltics for our Triple Play...

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19 June 2021 56 mins Download (MP3)

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 Truth Chingiz 2019 Azerbaijan
2 Runaway Sahlene 2002 Estonia
3 Hello From Mars F.L.Y. 2003 Latvia
4 Dziesma Par Laima Fomins & Kleins 2004 Latvia
5 Beautiful Song Anmary 2012 Latvia
6 My Last Breath James Newman 2020 United Kingdom
7 In Love For A While Anna Rossinelli 2011 Switzerland
8 Forevermore Anna Rossinelli 2021 Non Contest
9 Le Dernier Qui A Parle Amina 1991 France
10 (I Would) Die For You Antique 2001 Greece
11 I Love You Mi Vada D'Nash 2007 Spain
12 Yodel It! Ilinca Feat. Alex Florea 2017 Romania