Show #057

This week its all about Poland! Rising star Alicja is our special guest as we get to hear her stunning new single - and to honour her we delve into the Polish archives for our National Triple Play. We also check out the top song contest news stories from the week, and add another past performance to our Roll of Honour...

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22 August 2020 57 minutes Download (MP3)

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 Perfect Life Levina 2017 Germany
2 Say A Word Manuel Ortega 2002 Austria
3 Nous Les Amoureux Jean-Claude Pascal 1961 Luxembourg
4 Always AySel & Arash 2009 Azerbaijan
5 Empires Alicja Szemplinska 2020 Poland
6 Gdzieś Alicja Szemplinska 2020 Non Contest
7 Have Some Fun Tereza Kerndlova 2008 Czech Republic
8 You And Me Joan Franka 2012 Netherlands
9 Legenda Marcin Mrozinski 2010 Poland
10 In The Name Of Love Monika Kuszynska 2015 Poland
11 Jestem Magdalena Tul 2011 Poland
12 Love Is Vikki 1985 United Kingdom
13 Il Est Temps Virginie Pouchain 2006 France
14 Monsters Saara Alto 2018 Finland